Yoga: the key to a healthy life

Celebrate the goddess in you and your loved ones by ordering at Deivee, an active wear brand for women.

I can still recall the first time Maa held my hand to my first ever yoga class. Clad in a tee and yoga pants, I was pretty excited to learn a new thing. However, I was also skeptical about how much physical effort it would require me to do. I was never the fit and agile kid. I was skinny and shorter than my friends (I still am). So, my parents had decided to make me join yoga so that I would physically develop healthily and, well, be productive. (I led a very sedentary life as a kid; I still do.)

To my utter surprise, I found yoga not as physically strenuous as I had expected it to be. As I was more and more into it, I made it a part of my daily routine so much so that I practised even on off days. I enjoyed yoga. I never emerged as winner at championships, but I always took yoga seriously. As I went to the advanced levels, I found some exercises as really challenging to catch up with. Then there were studies and more studies and I do not remember exactly when I stopped attending yoga classes. Yet I never lost touch with yoga through Art of Living classes in high school.

I was admitted to college in 2015 and completely lost the habit of not just yoga but also exercising in general. Toward the end of 2016 when I had a session break, I realised that it was telling on my health and it was when I had a writer’s block that felt I needed a positive way to channelise my energies. So, I made a new year resolution to practise yoga on a regular basis. (I am one of those people who take new year resolutions seriously.) One of my friends advised me to use the products by Deivee.

Launched in 2017, Deivee is a women active wear brand. The brand ranges women’s active wear with the objective to ensure comfort during the work outs. In a nation where sanitary napkins are charged 12% tax while condoms are tax free, this brand is setting an example by making active wear more affordable for women. Not only are the products affordable, but they are also fashionable. Since I am hard on deciding what’s fashionable and what’s not, I really testified it from some friends who understand fashion better than I do.

Deivee is the brainchild of one of the most inspiring fitness evangelist and model of all time, the Iron Man of India, Milind Soman. He has advocated active lifestyle not just by preaching but by showing the way with the launch of Pinkathon, the only women’s marathon event in India.


Now that they had given me confidence about the brand, I bought some apparel from Deivee. The fact that they make organic yoga wear motivated me to try them out. In the movement against global warming, producers and consumers have something to contribute. Deivee ensures that their organic cotton comes from nature, directly from the hands of the farmers providing as many benefits as possible. All of their factories offer fair wages and follow strict welfare schemes. Since Deivee is doing its part, I though I should do mine too. I urged all my friends to try out Deivee and I have not received any negative feedback so far. They are all wanting more.

What I love the most about Deivee is that they have this conviction that there is a Devi in every woman. Deivee is derived drom the Latin word Dei and the Sanskrit word Devi meaning goddess. Gender is a fluid concept and Deivee actually helps women of all sizes and identities gain the confidence that propels one to stay inspired in life. It has collections for all body types – be it apple, hour glass, pear or rectangle. I admire this kind of inclusiveness.

Ever wondered why you’re getting obese? It may not just be your food habits as much as it is inherent in you. There are many types of people with different kinds of metabolism. Read more about it here.

While eating healthy and metabolism are two factors, you can opt for another way that has tremendous positive impact on your health. (Reminder: Quitting tobacco is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.) Start practising yoga and share this idea with your friends to make them healthy too. Sharing is caring.

As you age, you will realise the benefits of yoga. It ameliorates back pain. It relaxes your mind and body. Yoga also rejuvenates and makes you ready for work and all the challenges in life.

Yoga reduces stress and expands your leisure. It helps one reduce stress anxiety. What’s more, it is easy on the pocket because it saves you the money for a gym membership. So, if you want your friends to stay fit, suggest them to start yoga daily. Make it a part of their routine. Nothing is more blissful and fulfilling than setting out early in the morning with your friend, placing a mat on the grass and taking up a yoga posture while the sun rises.

First Married Trans Woman to create platform for LGBTQ+ in Kolkata

“Some of us sing well, some can dance, some can act while others can paint. We face more social handicap than those from mainstream society. I am nobody. We are together Troyee,” Shree told me over phone. She used to be a dancer but had to quit dancing because of personal problems. She won’t let this happen to others from the community.

The LGBTQ+ community is going to get ‘Troyee’, a special platform in Kolkata to showcase their talents, thanks to 23-year-old Shree Ghatak Muhury, the first trans woman in Kolkata to socially marry her partner.

“We are trying to create a work environment for the community- an environment which we were not provided with,” said Shree, who is a thespian.

With the help of Titas Das and Shuchanda Lahiri, Shree aims to motivate LGBTQ+ people to earn a livelihood through exhibitions, theatre, film production and several other lines of work. Besides, Troyee will guide members to seek financial aid to pursue their dreams.

Shree, who has undergone sex reassignment surgery last month, wishes to get legally married in 2017.

I wanted to get this story published in the newspaper while interning with Hindustan Times. My colleagues helped me find Shree’s contact details.

This is a story- not the kind that you read and forget about.This is a revolution- not the kind where one disrupts the quotidian. This revolution does not yell; it silently adorns with stars the path for posterity.

MINGLE (Mission for Indian Gay and Lesbian Empowerment), a Mumbai-based LGBTQ advocacy organization revealed earlier this year that more than half of those surveyed from the community claimed that they were not covered by discrimination policies at workplace. Forty percent of them were often or sometimes subject to sexual harassment at workplace, simply owing to their sexualities.

Troyee will address such issues, as well as rescue those from the community who are compelled to become sex workers or beggars after being rejected by the society.

With some businesses like Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai and New Delhi’s Hauz Khas Village deciding to debar gay couples last week, this initiative of economic empowerment is expected to not just culturally, but also economically add value to India through the ‘Pink Rupee’ while the nation is still recovering from the adverse effects of demonetisation.

The team will seek government aid if required. It intends to approach for help West Bengal Transgender Welfare Board headed by Sashi Panja, minister of women and child welfare development.

If one follows the recent turn of events, it is not difficult to discern that ours is a society which still largely prefers to shut those like Shree, out of our civilised water-tight compartments. We need more Shree’s so that another Manabi in future would not have to quit what she deserves.

I have noticed even members of the educated elite being unable to discern the difference between a transgender and a transsexual. I shall explain this difference in as less didactic a manner as possible.

Transsexuals are people who transition from one sex to another. While sex has got to do with the body, gender is a social construction which develops in the mind. Transgender, unlike transsexual, is a term for people whose identity, expression, behavior, or general sense of self does not conform to what is usually associated with the sex they were born in the place they were born.