Seventeen Syllables of Breath


A thread of light peeks

Through the canopy: just to

be cut by shadows.

Colours ooze out of

her body. Chameleons

swarm her little home.

Bugs underneath bed

crawl into lucid dreams- to

gnaw at fantasies.

You sprinkled sky in

my eyes… can vision be that

focused anymore?

All stories of moist

eyes have today spread wings to

become floating clouds.

I often feel a

rocky mountain in the folds

Of feathery dreams.

Ashtrays deposit

Flakes of longing. Oblivion

Overwhelms the longed.

The seasonal stream

every monsoon washed petals

to eternity.

Lost a word or two

in manhole while running home

against time tonight.

Farewell tinged photos

sepia robbing each colour

of its uniqueness.



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